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Welcome to our brand new site! We’re still in the process of populating our content and diversity, but wanted to be as transparent in our presence as possible. You may see a lot of changes and we hope your are as excited about this as we are. CynosureBeats© is your one-stop for media/content relating to hip hop culture and everything in-between. Here at CynosureBeats©, we’re very biased and tend to stay away from Pop/R&B/Country music unless, by some miraculous event, it provides some kind of viewer value. The bottom line is, if you love hardcore reality in Hip-hop culture, then this blog is for you. We believe that Hip-Hop music is still very much alive, contrary to the beliefs of some and we strive to keep the raw content & music/culture in the forefront of the public perception. Help us keep the movement alive by Tweeting, Liking, Stumbling and Subscribing to Cynosurebeats© Blog http://Cynosurebeats.wordpress.com

Thank you for visiting!
Supreme Regards
-Josplif G
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