Bumpy103 – Shot For Shot

New York, stand up. If you live in the upper Northeast, than this guy should need no introduction if you’re a close follower of the hip-hop scene in that particular part of the country. Who isn’t right? A hip-hop artist, songwriter, & yes – actor, the one and only Bumpy103 aka “Banebxxgie“.

We couldn’t agree more with what he says in his single: “I can’t help it, when it’s hot it’s hot”, Bumpy has a sincerity about his music and lyrical ability. It’s obvious my man is very musically multi-talented and an extraordinarily seasoned MC, so it is no surprise he is a legitimate BMI registered artist AND a bonified ASCAP published composer.

Bumpy is the CEO & Founder of 103rdStEnt and he and his company are on a steady rise. For a man who seemingly writes and composes hundreds of songs, Bumpy is only getting better with each and every underground hit. Be on the lookout for this young man and don’t be surprised if you see him on more of a mainstream light. He’s that good. Make sure you like/share the real shit.

“In a genre filled with mediocrity and foolishness, it seems that record sales and ring-tones have dominated the way business is conducted and has begun to overshadow the importance of one’s craft.” -Bumpy103

Twitter: BaNe Bxxgie @Bumpy103
Instagram: @BaneBxxgie27
YouTube: 103rdStEnt
Facebook: Bumpy103
Soundcloud: 103rdStEnt
Audiomack: Street Life Vol. 4 Blood Moon Tetrad
G+: 103rdStEnt

Directed By Silvia V

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