Willie Moses – 400 Freestyle

Willie Moses is on a serious upward trajectory. The newest favorite of Cynosurebeats, Mr. Moses is just the prototype of a genuinely real artist with a lot of great positive things to say. This hit single “400 Freestyle” presents a different side to Willie Moses as he promotes his newest album ” Undefeated EP”. It is very noticeable how fluid and confident he has become and he is doing a great deal to put South Florida back on the map. It’s very easy to get into his flow and it sounds like he is just having a great deal of fun. This almost always makes for great music. You know what that means.

Stay on the lookout for Willie’s upcoming projects as you will not want to miss them! Please show your support by sharing this video via the buttons below! ♫ Thank you for supporting unsigned and independent Hip-hop.

Directed by @Unkleluc
Undefeated EP
YouTube: Willie Moses
Twitter: @WillieMoses_
Instagram: @williemoses_
Spotify: Willie Moses Undefeated EP
Apple Music: Willie Moses Undefeated EP
Sound Cloud: Willie Moses


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