How Can You Help The Homeless ?

As a reaction to the significant growth of homelessness in Oakland, CA, a collection of activists, artists, graf writers and filmmakers teamed up to provide shelter to homeless men and women of Oakland on Valentine’s Day, 2017. What a cool way to surprise and put a smile on these stranger’s faces in need. By tearing down billboards and making tents out of the sales pitch propaganda billboards, ironically, right above their heads. It’s a great look out for fellow man type of video in the midst of this economic inequality and really sheds light and perspective on what is really a problem in this country. Homelessness. People don’t understand: Some of us are wired differently and just cannot look the other way when other humans are going through things of this nature. We just help any way we can.

The “A House in Oakland” movement is taking donations for the cause below. Check out their GoFundMe and website for all the latest project details.

Donate Now:
GoFundMe : A House in Oakland

Music By: Step Children / AWOL ONE


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