C-STEEZEE ft. LIGAHDE – Whatever Will Be

C-STEEZEE has always been an independent artist despite his relationships with major artists and record labels through his media group. He has always took business in to his own hands creating his own lane.
 photo 1BqqLtpy.jpg

The song is produced by Musical artist C-Steezee himself. Steezee has come out and announced his new album titled “Steezee World” set to be released March 31st of this year. His hot new single “Whatever Will Be” features Kansas City’s R&B hook man Ligahde (artist formerly of Rick Ross Music Group.) You will enjoy the craft and the realness of this one. Look for this to be a single that is sure to make a splash in the near future. STEEZEE is very versatile and plans to touch all demographics if the hip hop landscape with all of his upcoming music.

STEEZEE was born and raised in Seattle, WA then later moved to West Virginia. This gives him a diverse unique style as you can hear throughout his albums. His style is what earned him his name friends started calling him Styles or C-Styles the “C” comes from his real name – Chris. As time went on he became Thee C-Steezee. Be sure to subscribe to his youtube channel and check out every profound thing he is doing in his life and his career. He might not be as big as the major artists out there but he definitely has a place in this music and entertainment industry.

STEEZEE is growing and expanding his brand daily. You can follow him on all social media @CSTEEZEE. Welcome to Steezee World!

Twitter: @CSTEEZEE
Web: Csteezee.com
Soundcloud: C-Steezee
Mgmt Twitter: @OMGMuzikGroup Website: Organizedmuzik.com


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