Marlon Craft CRAFTSTYLE – Come Check Out Hip Hop’s Newest Phenom #NOWPLAYING #BeGreat

Born and raised in NYC as the son of a jazz musician. He often journeyed in and out of Harlem and the South Bronx during his basketball playing years as a kid, Marlon Craft encountered hip-hop and developed a love at an early age. It wasn’t until his college years, though, he began creating his own music and sharing it with his friends. Over the past few years, Craft has dialed in his musical style. He has remarkable lyrical ability, substantive song-writing and is completing his degree in Urban Education & Social Justice at American University in Washington, DC.

 photo CimuwheWgAI3tD2.jpg

Craft’s performance resume includes several shows in DC — including performances as opening acts for Chance the Rapper at AU and hip-hop legend Asheru at Busboy’s & Poets, as well as a performance at the legendary Gaston Hall at Georgetown University. Craft has also performed at various colleges, including opening for Ish Darr at Middlebury College in May of 2016.  Craft is now back in NYC and working on a follow-up to “so, what are you doing” while developing working relationships, doing shows, and continuously making music. He has developed relationships with a number of producers in the US and overseas, and frequently collaborates across genres. He looks forward to his next efforts being reflective of his new artistic collaborations and sounds, and to continuing to smash expectations. Share his music below!

 photo CpMG6lbWEAENZRv.jpg
Check out his website!
Twitter: @MCraft212


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