Musically Royal : Royal Mob ft. Matt Meach #ThisThatGood

The Royal Mob is made up of 3 siblings born and raised in The Bronx, NY. The group was officially formed in the winter of 2009. Coming from Cuban and Puerto Rican decent, music has always been a major part of their lives as their parents would play music throughout their home nearly every weekend for hours on end. The siblings have always played off of each other and showed a lot of tough love making each other stronger as individuals.

The Royal Mob takes a trip to the ‘Isla Del Encanto’ Puerto Rico for the visual to this gritty anthem. Make sure you blast these guys all over the web and show them some love on various social media platforms. Thumbs up!

Ish Smeezy – @RoyalMobIsh
H. Billi – @TheRoyalMob
Jon Rock – @RoyalMobJonRock
Matt Meach – @RoyalMobMeach_
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