Check out ‘Eat Or Get Ate’ – Benihana #Newshit #NowPlaying

Stop and feel this Detroit Michigan artist and also owner/founder of Murda Musik Ent, Benihana . With one listen you will see and hear that he portrays that real-life pain in music. In this day and in this time, there is no doubt that this song is the voice of all the folks in the struggle that deal with complex issues everyday. Struggles such as systemic racism, oppression, police brutality and poverty. His new single, “Eat Or Get Ate” (directed by ROCiNREAL) is a strong depiction of what’s real and what people are really going through in these streets.
Benihana Streets has recently relocated to Oklahoma city, but he has never been more on his j-o… Be sure to support him, the struggle and support raw hip hop.

Like and share his music!
Check him out on twitter @1320beni
Buy “Praying For Forgiveness” album here!


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