Music production in this modern era can leave you scratchin’ your head on what to choose to get started. I thought it would be a good idea to showcase the TOP 8 best program for making music with your PC. I executed a brief review on what some new products have to offer in regards to innovation and affordability. Remember, this isn’t 1985 anymore, so you don’t need all these fancy instruments and an array of expensive equipment to begin creating some real high-quality instrumentals. Sometimes, all you need is a computer and a small budget to acquire something similar to what is listed below in this particular TOP 8 and you can worry about laying the vocals later if you don’t already have the means to do so. I think you will be blown away on just how far the market has come! Please, share this page with the aspiring music producer in your life and, as always, sit back and enjoy the music.

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Whew. 6,500 new sounds & loops From 10 popular genres and the ability to be compatible with even some of your older computer platforms. Magix does a great job making their products very user-friendly even for beginners. For many products, you can choose between a physical version of the program and the downloaded version. The physical version is sent by mail and arrives in a couple of days. This option involves shipping costs. The downloadable version allows you to download and use the software immediately after purchasing it. There are no shipping costs involved. You also have the option of ordering a backup CD/DVD when making your purchase. Make no mistake about it, you can make Magix Music Maker Premium 2016 your standalone starter kit if you are just getting your feet wet.

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Look. It’s Sony. For the price this software kicks ass, but beware you get what you pay for. It’ll do its job well, but it’s not perfect or on par with the higher end software like Pro-tools or Fruity Loops. It has some crash issues that can be annoying but are rare enough to shrug off. If you want to start experimenting with recording, I’d say it would be fine to use this as your gateway software before you dedicate to the higher prices.

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Acoustica is at it again! The Pro Studio, with it’s unlimited track ability, allows you to compose everything from the simplest Dubstep or EDM track to a complex beautiful soundtrack with open source music creation software. There are roughly 1,200 virtual instruments for you to play right on your computer’s keyboard or from an external MIDI keyboard. IF you are ready to take your music production to a new level, you should seriously consider this product. There is a lot of bang for your buck in this product!
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Version 1 and it’s a great & stable daw. I think a few more features like freeze and track grouping and it’ll someday be the best daw. Yes, lots of people compare it to Ableton. Bitwig looks and feels like a blend of Ableton Live and Apple’s Logic Pro X. Their GUI, modulation system, unity of audio/midi tracks and cross platform deployment are awesome achievements. Their 1.1 update fixed some important issues and I am pleased with the progress that is being made. I’m sure there are a lot of new features on the way. Give their 1st version ever created a try.
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The last version of Cubase I used, personally, was Cubase 6. I loved the interface, but I didn’t like the instability and lost a lot of work when trying to simply modify a single parameter. I’m happy to report that Cubase Pro 8.5 is a much more powerful tool, easily comparable to Logic Pro and other DAW software out there. I use it for both recording and MIDI and find it very powerful at both of these tasks. However, if you’re going to get the most out of Cubase, you’re going to need to familiarize yourself with the software.
Your patience will be tested as it is going to eventually be a good program for you, but it is deep and wide. You will get to the promised land one day, but I have found it very intuitive for me and there are layers upon layers. I can usually find my way around a program, but this one is difficult, even with the tutorial videos. Files are stored where I can’t find them sometimes. So, it is a longer safari than I had hoped for.
Having the right interface makes all the difference. I like Steinburg products, but since this isn’t my first, it isn’t as bad as it could be.
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Let me start this review by saying that i have been a long time fan of Reason, but through my rose colored glasses I could clearly see Reason’s downsides. Lack of VST support (IF you consider that a downside), no midi in/out, pretty sub par mixing consoles, and a generally inferior sequencer when compared with the other leading DAWS.
A lot of improvements and changes have been implemented into this software, and it’s a beautiful thing. All of the aforementioned issues are completely corrected if not vastly improved, there’s even a work around that allows you to utilize VSTS within Reason using the external instrument feature. Reason WITH VSTS?! I love Reason’s interface, and with the improved sequencer functionality the work flow is a breeze. You will love how customizable any and everything within Reason 8 is. The parallel channel processing is immensely helpful and saves a lot of time. I love the presets for the utilities – the Alligator is super cool and fun to work with. Finding inspiration for synth patterns or spicing up drums, especially with using the Echo, has never been easier.
There’s so many positive things I could say about Reason. I do think that the functionality of blocks need some work, and rack extensions can be very demanding of one’s CPU.
Great instruments, wonderful tools and utilities that spark creativity, and endless possibilities. You can’t go wrong with Reason 8

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Avid has long been a global leader in this niche. Pro tools 12 is good for recording and mixing, but doesn’t come with some features or plug-ins to warrant the hefty price, but those it has are good. That said, I’m glad I got this when I did as this technology was well ahead of it’s time at one point. I wouldn’t use this for song composition or MIDI work- it simply doesn’t come with enough software instruments. Don’t get me wrong, Pro Tools is Hollywood-ready and sounds great on mostly any platform. Can they remain legendary for much longer? Time will tell.

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The #1 seller for music production software in the world. A legend among music producer software manufacturers everywhere, Fruity Loops 12 by Image Line is feature-packed and incredibly easy to use. Some consumers use it primarily for drums, but the sound editor and effects work perfectly fine for recording vocals, guitars and keys. The community support and company support are very legit and knowledgeable. I first bought an edition of FL back in 1999 and I’ve received help and updates all these years at no additional charge.
Version 12 has many changes from the old, traditional FL Studio layout. It took a short time to familiarize myself with it, but it’s easy to use. There are more included instruments this time around and the sound quality of samples and loops and the ability to manipulate them has drastically improved. The piano roll is so sweet. FL Studio 12 makes building up tracks a breeze.
*It uses ASIO for audio. Be sure your audio interface can work with it.
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