Cameron Airborne – ” Change ” A Song about #Racism ( Meek Mill’s Lil Snupe beat )

The 18yr old South Florida MC, Cameron Airborne decided to jump on Meek Mill’s ‘Lil Snupe’ instrumental to talk about how fucked up our society is. His newest video “Change” has visuals that pertain to negative current affairs in this country surrounding racism and the government police state.

In a short career, Cameron has done quite well as of late getting featured on some up and coming artist’s projects and mix tapes you will be seeing in the short future.

The boy has some nice wordplay and it is imperative we give credit when it is due. Give it up for him!


Directed by Andrew Colton

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One response to “Cameron Airborne – ” Change ” A Song about #Racism ( Meek Mill’s Lil Snupe beat )

  1. He’s right! These 80’s and 90’s babies are so screwed up its pathetic! And dondon’t let get those so-called New Millennium babies! They’re so bio-tect up in their heads it’s no wonder they walk around with earbubs in their ears all the time that they’re going to be a whole new millennium of deaf people! To deaf to pay attention to anybody giving them a little knowledge! Oh, but that’s right, you can’t tell these screwed ups anything because they don’t listen to anybody because they KNOW EVERYTHING and they can’t hear you anyway!!

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