MEET – Cezur Corpus #Salute #RT Brownsville, NY Stand Up!

Cynosurebeats is back with a quality user submission.
Meet: Cezur Corpus, a 20 year old artist from the Brownsville area of Brooklyn, NY. He found his love for music, originally, in poetry during his elementary years. With poetry being the root of it all, he writes his best verses without the beat. His upcoming project is going to tell a few stories; Some of them fun and melodic, while others remain somber, violent, or emotional. Some of the neighborhood that raised him, others of his own personal struggles and experiences over classic instrumentation that you love to hear, and experimental production you’ll instantly fall in love with. This is the first single off of his newest upcoming project, “Vesuvius” which is dropping this summer with no official release date. He has a video dropping soon with videographer Jawney Quest featuring Young Franchize. Like and share this man’s music!

Check this Cezur Corpus soundcloud track ft. Alex mali – “Pine Trees” produced by Frander
Get at Cezur!
Twitter: @cezurcorpus
Instagram: @cezurcorpus


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