Produkt – Evil (Explicit)

The stunning screenshot of a half nude, tattooed violinist playing her Yamaha in the middle of a snow covered, wooded landscape made them come. The impressive cinematography that is so uncommon amongst unsigned artists today made them stay.
“I’ve always respected the power of Blogs to make or break an artist. I did my homework and would have been happy to get 20,000 views of his first video,” says Frank Urban, Manager of up and coming rapper Produkt. Several weeks later and 120,000 views on over 50 Hip Hop Blog sites, more than 62,000 hits on, along with 22,000 clicks on YouTube, has the underground rap scene buzzing to see what’s next from the Bronx artist.
Asked about the incredible success of the “Father Forgive me” video, Produkt states “I only have one chance to make a first impression. It’s a competitive business. I respect the audience and every view that they honor me with. I know that every time somebody sees me for the first time could be the last. It’s up to me to keep them coming back”.
Produkt’s new video “Come & Get Me” is scheduled for release in mid-April.


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