Doddy feat. Puya – Klandestin (Dollar Bill) #Official #Single.

The song “Klandestin” marks the first appearance of Doddy and the first video. So, welcome, Doddy!
The song is featuring with Puya, talks about the hunger for money (it reminds us of another piece Puya signed) and the video is filmed in China Town and you will remember Fast & Furious series.

©MusicExpertCompany si Scandalos Music
Booking: Cristi Ochiu +40 746 224 499 //
Management: Dorian Enache
Press: Andrei ‘Avando’ Avramides +40 751 085 080 //
Label: MusicExpertCompany
Casa de Productie: Scandalos Music
Regie: Richard Stan si Claudiu Stan (Vision Production)

Muzica: Mahia Beldo
Text: Doddy, Puya
Mix: Mahia Beldo
Master: Chris Mayer


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