Slaughter Rico and Mr. Green – “East Coast Gas Station” #EastCoast #MustSEE

This episode was recorded entirely at the East Coast Gas Station in North Philadelphia. The original publisher of this video, Noisey, met up with Philly legend Slaughter Rico (look up “5 Dolla Nigga”) and started grabbing sounds from the car. They got stuff from the trunk, the glove box, the keys, the horn, the ignition beep and a couple random other things from around the station. Then, they loaded the sounds in the beat machine and chopped them up. Finally, Slaughter Rico dropped a crazy verse over the beat.

Mr. Green and crew are inviting people to make their own beats from the car sounds!
Click here to download the sounds from this episode.
Make beats out of these sounds and send them to and they’ll post the best ones!

Creators/Producers: Mr. Green & Sam Lipman-Stern
Director: Sam Lipman-Stern
Cinematographer: Hiram Stelzig
Performance / Lyrics: Slaughter Rico
Beats: Mr. Green
Logo / Graphic Design: Juart Little

And be sure to check out:

Slaughter Rico

Mr. Green

Sam Lipman-Stern

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