Breakdance Battle – RAW CIRCLES 2013 LUKAS & KLESIO vs ISSEI & SHUVAN.

 photo poster_20130123051419_600x800.jpg
WOW. Come and show some love for these guys as they put on a show for this Belgian audience. If it’s anything like this video above, then they’re in for a show.
Date: April 20, 2013 (11:00am) – Apr 20, 2013 (10:00pm)
Address: Schijnpoortweg, Antwerp, Belgium
Judge(s): Drosha, Extremo, Mounir
Top Prize: 1500€
Ticket: 15€
Unbreakable brings you 16 of the best bboys and bgirls around the world to battle it out in a unique 1 on 1 system!

Daytime: open competitions (bboy crewbattle, bboy kidzbattles, standup 1on1) and free workshops!

Evening: 1on1 Unbreakable world championship!

Check out UNBREAKABLE website or facebook for more info!

Facebook page:

Show some love for these guys.


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