B-Boy City is one of the First, Biggest, Realest bboy/bgirl hiphop festivals in the southern United States.
Every April in Austin, TX, b-boys from all over Texas, the surrounding states, states across nation, and a few international locations, come to compete and spectate. B-Boy City keeps the true competitive spirit of hip-hop alive by holding battles for dancers, b-girls, poppers and dance crews.

B-Boy City’s uniqueness has increasingly pulled in spectators/performers from the other elements of hip-hop, such as emceeing, djing and graf writing. Competitors from B-Boy City are now internationaly renowned and scattered all over the globe.

During the 3-day festivities, besides the competition, B-Boy City includes a movie screening/film night, buy-or-sell trade show, art & photo gallery and live stage performances. Throughout the year, the B-Boy City team are devoted to keeping the scene/culture alive by hosting monthly local events, supporting other related events, teaching, personal training, after-school programs, mentoring and more.
Courtesy of http://www.bboycity.com/



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